This year in writing class we did argumentative, informative, and narrative writing.

My narrative writing piece

It was a late fall afternoon, Liz and May were at the park. Liz and May spent most of their time after school at the park doing homework. But that typical afternoon turns out not to be so typical.

It all started at the park October 7th 4:55pm. It was their usual Wednesday schedule, finish homework at the park then go home for dinner. They were just finishing up their homework when ‘’Stop whining!’’ Liz told her sister.
‘’I thought you were whining,’’said May.
They both froze and look around but nobody was there.
‘’I think its coming from under the plastic jungle gym’’ May said
‘’You go look!’’ said Liz
‘’Why me? You're older,’’ May explained.
‘’Only by seven minutes and twenty three seconds,’’ Liz pointed out.
‘’Fine I’m going home,’’ said May.
‘’Fine!’’ Liz says calling her back.

Liz laid on her stomach and peaked underneath the jungle gym and saw a shivering blob of brown fur.
‘’It’s a puppy!’’ shrieked Liz
May quickly ran over.
‘’How can we get it out?’’May exclaimed
Liz shoved her arm under the plastic and grabs the puppy, but it wiggled free and Liz’s arm was covered in dirt. Next they try to work together and lift the jungle gym. The jungle gym was way too heavy for the girls to lift so they kept thinking.

‘’He looks hungry,’’says Liz
‘’I have an idea,’’May said
May rushed over to her backpack and pulled out a half eaten granola bar from her lunch.
‘’Maybe we can lure him out with this,’’says May holding out the granola bar.
‘’Sounds good to me’’ said Liz
May layed the granola bar just outside the opening. But the puppy didn't come any closer, so May moved the granola bar a little bit closer. But she moved it to close and the puppy took it and ate it with lightning speed.
‘’Do you have any more ideas,’’Liz asks May
‘’Nope,’’May told her

Finally May got tired and decided to go home. Liz out of ideas started to pack up her things disappointed she couldn't help the puppy. Just as she was leaving she heard voices.
‘’Liz, Liz, Liz’’
She turned around to see May and their dad running toward her. She’s was so happy May didn't run of on her she dropped her belongings and ran to greet them. Than all together they lifted up the plastic jungle gym and Liz crawled under and picks up the puppy.

‘’Thanks!’’ says Liz and May at the same time.
Than Liz asks her dad if they could keep the puppy, and can you believe he said yes! So after some time and several baths the find out the puppy’s white, and they decide to name her Snow Ball. Now they remember October 7th as Snow Ball birthday.

My argumentative piece

When I am faced with a difficult task like homework it’s best to get it done in the afternoon or right after I get home from school. It’s best to get your homework done right away then you don’t have to worry about doing it. Afternoon is best because you get it done then you have time to go outside, play video games, or hang with your friends. It makes it a lot easier just to get it done and over with.

When I have a challenge like getting homework done it’s best not to wait till tomorrow morning. If you do wait till tomorrow morning you might not get it done, or you won't be ready to go to school, and you also will probably forget how to do most of it because you waited to long. Waiting till the next day is a really bad idea because normally you are still tired when you get up so you will not be really thinking about what you are doing with your homework. Finally if you wait till the next day you might also forget about it and you will end up not doing it. If you end up not doing it you will probable get in trouble with your teacher and your parents.

If I had a challenge like home work I would not put it off till the evening or before bed. Than you are really tired and will most likely will not do it right. Second of all you probably have a T.V. show or something better to do. Also if you put it off till before bed your parents most likely will not be so happy with you. If you wait till bed time to get homework done you will not get to bed at a reasonable time but going to bed at a later time than you should. It also will take you longer to do because you will be tired and you would have forgotten how your are supposed to do it.

When I have a difficult task such as homework it’s best to get it done right after you get home from school. It best to do it then because than you remember what you learned and how to do it. If you can remember it than you most likely can get it done earlier than if you wait. You also than don’t have to worry about not getting it done, and you can eat your dinner and do whatever you would like to do.

My informative piece

In 1862 president Lincoln signed the treaty for the homestead act. The homestead act was for the blacks to be able to move west and claim their own land, but not all blacks could afford the journey. In the south they couldn't own land, and after the Civil War they were treated worse than before the war. So in 1879 Benjamin Singleton organized a mass migration west. His plan was to lead the African Americans west to free land, but he didn’t expect the preparations to be so hard to get.

Benjamin Singleton was born a slave in Tennessee. He escaped slavery and went all the way to Kansas and then came back to help his people. He was known as old pap. He wanted all the ex-slaves to be able to own their own land. His first try was a failure, but he didn't give up. So he bought part of a cherokee reservation in Kansas.

Old pap was able to escaped the south, but not all the African Americans got the same chance. After the Civil War their lives worsened. They couldn't own their own land because of the laws being passed in the Southern states said they were not allowed, and without land you would get stuck as a sharecropper. They wanted to leave, so they could leave to get out west and buy their own land. Benjamin Singleton was their only chance of having enough money to get out there.

Benjamin Singleton was aware of the necessary preparations to get out west. But some were harder to get than others. Like they would need $500 for equipment like mules, plows, tools, lumber, digging wells, and transportation. Benjamin singleton knew the land was cheaper in Kansas, so that why he wanted to bring the ex-slaves there. But for the trip there he decided each person would need about $1,000 to get there. But they had a plan to work together, and get to Kansas. Once they arrived they would build an all black community together.

Getting land from the government was harder than it sounded. First you had to meet the requirements, like you had to be head of the family, 21 or older, and you had to be a U.S. citizen. If you passed the requirements then you would get anywhere from 40-160 acres of land. Than you have to pay $5, but the land still will not be yours. You still have to build a house on the land, and farm it for 5 years. If you could do all that for 5 years the land would become yours. The Exoduster were successful with living and farming the land. Two of the colonies they made in Kansas were Dunlap and Nicodemus. They wouldn't have made it to Kansas if they didn’t work together.

There were about 30,000 Exodusters that settled on the unsettled land out west (Kansas). But only 40% were successful but after time they gained more population and before long there were 8,000 people out west. The Exodusters were very proactive when they decided to work together, and move to Kansas where they could buy a piece of land out west.